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DNA Surveillance

Species identification with DNA

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Witness for the Whalesis a service for the phylogenetic identification of cetacean species (whales, dolphins and porpoises) using DNA sequences following the general methodology first described by Baker and Palumbi (1994) and Baker, Cipriano and Palumbi (1996). Witness for the Whales comprises annotated and curated sets of reference nucleotide sequences from a comprehensive and representative range of cetaceans. Witness for the Whales is implemented within DNA Surveillance, a web-based program that applies standard phylogenetic methods to identify the affinity of user submitted DNA sequences. Together, the Witness for the Whales datasets and the DNA Surveillance programs provide an integrated approach to the molecular taxonomy of cetaceans.

Please report problems to Scott Baker (scott.baker@oregonstate.edu) and Shane Lavery (s.lavery@auckland.ac.nz) under subject header "DNA surveillance".