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DNA Surveillance

Species identification with DNA

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General details for dataset 'Glo Ctrl Vs4.3'

Loci: mtDNA control Region (=D-Loop)
Domain: Globicephalinae + Orcininae Vs4.3
Alignment: 43 sequences, 408 sites
Alignment scoring
Create/extend = -3.0/-1.0
Substitution model
(A,G,C,T) = (0.30751, 0.22645, 0.13893, 0.32711)

Sequence details

Main sequences
Fatt001 pygmy killer whaleFeresa attenuata
Fatt836 pygmy killer whaleFeresa attenuata
FattZ11710 pygmy killer whaleFeresa attenuata
FattZ11711 pygmy killer whaleFeresa attenuata
FattZ2605 pygmy killer whaleFeresa attenuata
Ggr173 Risso'sGrampus griseus
Ggri001 Risso'sGrampus griseus
Ggri003 Risso'sGrampus griseus
GgrIJP4.DY Risso'sGrampus griseus
GgriMD.AV Risso'sGrampus griseus
GgriNZ1.MD Risso'sGrampus griseus
GmacAT1.LS short-finned pilot whaleGlobicephala macrorhynchus
GmacCA2.LS short-finned pilot whaleGlobicephala macrorhynchus
GmacNZ10MD short-finned pilot whaleGlobicephala macrorhynchus
GmacNZ11MD short-finned pilot whaleGlobicephala macrorhynchus
GmacNZ12MD short-finned pilot whaleGlobicephala macrorhynchus
GmacNZ13MD short-finned pilot whaleGlobicephala macrorhynchus
GmacTP3.LS short-finned pilot whaleGlobicephala macrorhynchus
GmelNA6.LS long-finned pilot whaleGlobicephala melas
GmelNA7.LS long-finned pilot whaleGlobicephala melas
GmelNA8.LS long-finned pilot whaleGlobicephala melas
GmelNZ01MD long-finned pilot whaleGlobicephala melas
Obre2907 Irrawaddy (snubfin)Orcaella brevirostris
ObreZ23971 IrrawaddyOrcaella brevirostris
ObreZ4006 IrrawaddyOrcaella brevirostris
Oorc001 killer whaleOrcinus orca
Oorc00RS01 killer whaleOrcinus orca
Oorc9701NZ killer whaleOrcinus orca
OorcNP9.RH killer whaleOrcinus orca
OorcNZ1.MD killer whaleOrcinus orca
OorcNZ3.CO killer whaleOrcinus orca
OorcNZ4.MD killer whaleOrcinus orca
OorcNZ5.MD killer whaleOrcinus orca
Pcra002 false killer whalePseudorca crassidens
PcraNZ1.MD false killer whalePseudorca crassidens
Pel03FP01 melon-headed whalePeponocephala electra
Pele001 melon-headed whalePeponocephala electra
Pele223 melon-headed whalePeponocephala electra
Pele848 melon-headed whalePeponocephala electra
PeleFP1.MP melon-headed whalePeponocephala electra
PeleZ545 melon-headed whalePeponocephala electra
Outgroup sequences
LacuNF7.FC Atlantic white-sidedLagenorhynchus acutus
LobsNZS10H duskyLagenorhynchus obscurus