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General details for dataset 'Odont CytB Vs4.3'

Loci: Cytochrome B
Domain: Odontocetes Vs4.3
Alignment: 91 sequences, 405 sites
Alignment scoring
Create/extend = -3.0/-1.0
Substitution model
(A,G,C,T) = (0.30751, 0.22645, 0.13893, 0.32711)

Sequence details

Main sequences
Adio1.PR spectacled porpoiseAustralophocaena
AdioZ7014 spectacled porpoiseAustralophocaena
AdioZ981 spectacled porpoiseAustralophocaena
BbaiNP1.UA Baird's beakedBerardius
Ccom3.LD Commerson's dolphinCephalorhynchus
Ceut8.MM Chilean dolphinCephalorhynchus
Chea0.LD Heaviside'sCephalorhynchus
Chec1.LD Hector'sCephalorhynchus
Dcap6.LD common (long-beaked)Delphinus
DdelCa5.PR common (short-beaked)Delphinus
Dleu0.MM belugaDelphinapterus
Dleu1.UA belugaDelphinapterus
Dleu7.MM belugaDelphinapterus
Dtro8.LD Delphinus tropicalisDelphinus
Fatt2.LD pygmy killerFeresa
GgriP8.LD Risso'sGrampus
GmacA4.LD short-finned pilotGlobicephala
Gmel6.LD long-finned pilotGlobicephala
Ibol3BOLMR Amazon River dolphin (boto)Inia
Igeo1PAMR Amazon River dolphin (boto)Inia
Igeo8.IC Amazon River dolphin (boto)Inia
IgeoSA5.HH Amazon River dolphin (boto)Inia
IgeoSA7.HH Amazon River dolphin (boto)Inia
IgeoSP6.HH Amazon River dolphin (boto)Inia
Kbre0.MM pygmy sperm whaleKogia sima
KbreAUSM16967 pygmy sperm whaleKogia sima
KbreNZ02 pygmy sperm whaleKogia sima
KbreNZ39 pygmy sperm whaleKogia sima
KbreSAN2754 pygmy sperm whaleKogia sima
KbreSAN2758 pygmy sperm whaleKogia sima
Ksim2.HH dwarf sperm whaleKogia sima
Ksim2.IC dwarf sperm whaleKogia sima
Lacu0.FC Atlantic white-sidedLagenorhynchus
Lalb7.FC white-beakedLagenorhynchus
Laus9.LD Peale'sLagenorhynchus
Lbor4.LD northern rightLissodelphis
Lcru8.LD hourglassLagenorhynchus
LhosP8.LD Fraser'sLagenodelphis
Lobl4.FC Pacific white-sidedLagenorhynchus
Lobs6.LD duskyLagenorhynchus
Lper5.LD southern rightLissodelphis
LvexCh1.IC Yangtzee River dolphin (baiji)Lipotes
LvexCh5.GY Yangtzee River dolphin (baiji)Lipotes
MgrH04 Gray's beakedMesoplodon
Mmon2.UA narwhalMonodon
Mmon8.MM narwhalMonodon
Npho0.PR finless porpoiseNeophocaena
Npho9.HH finless porpoiseNeophocaena
ObreAu3.LD Irrawaddy (snubfin)Orcaella
ObreWP2.LD IrrawaddyOrcaella
Oorc8.UA killer whaleOrcinus
OorcA0.LD killer whaleOrcinus
OorcP1.LD killer whaleOrcinus
Pbla5.UA La Plata River dolphin (franciscana)Pontoporia
Pbla9.IC La Plata River dolphin (franciscana)Pontoporia
PblaSA0.GY La Plata River dolphin (franciscana)Pontoporia
Pcra7.LD false killerPseudorca
PcraNZ01 false killerPseudorca
Pdal8.PR Dall's porpoisePhocoenoides
Pdal9.PR Dall's porpoisePhocoenoides
PdalZ4730 Dall's porpoisePhocoenoides
PdalZ6208 Dall's porpoisePhocoenoides
Pele3.LD melon-headedPeponocephala
Pgan0.IC Ganges River dolphin (susu)Platanista
PganSE6.GY Ganges River dolphin (susu)Platanista
PganWP3.HH Ganges River dolphin (susu)Platanista
Pmin1.UA Indus River dolphin (susu)Platanista
Pmin2.UA Indus River dolphin (susu)Platanista
Pmin3.UA Indus River dolphin (susu)Platanista
Ppho3.PR harbour porpoisePhocaena
Ppho3.UA harbour porpoisePhocaena
Ppho9.MM harbour porpoisePhocaena
Psin1.LD vaquitaPhocaena
Psin7.PR vaquitaPhocaena
Pspi4.MM Burmeister's porpoisePhocaena
Pspi6.PR Burmeister's porpoisePhocaena
PspiCH01 Burmeister's porpoisePhocaena
SattA6.LD pantropical spottedStenella
SbreP6.LD rough-toothedSteno
SchiSF0.LD Indo-pacific humpbackedSousa
Scly3.LD ClymeneStenella
ScoeM2.LD stripedStenella
Sflu8.LD tucuxiSotalia
SfroA9.LD Atlantic spottedStenella
SlonSE2.LD spinnerStenella
TaduSF2.LD bottlenose (aduncus )Tursiops
Ttru6.UA bottlenose (truncatus )Tursiops
ZcaSW8398 Cuvier's beakedZiphius
Outgroup sequences
Pmac3.IC spermPhyseter
Pmac9.UA spermPhyseter
PmacNZ10 spermPhyseter