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DNA Surveillance

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General details for dataset 'All cetaceans CytB Vs4.3'

Loci: Cytochrome B
Domain: All cetaceans Vs4.3
Alignment: 44 sequences, 405 sites
Alignment scoring
Create/extend = -3.0/-1.0
Substitution model
(A,G,C,T) = (0.30751, 0.22645, 0.13893, 0.32711)

Sequence details

Main sequences
Adio1.PR spectacled porpoisePhocoenidae
BacuNA3.UA North Atlantic minke whaleBalaenopteridae
BbaiNP1.UA Baird's beaked whaleZiphiidae
BbonSO1.UA Antarctic minke whaleBalaenopteridae
Bbor2.UA sei whaleBalaenopteridae
BedeNP1.HY Bryde's whale (common)Balaenopteridae
Bmus4.UA blue whaleBalaenopteridae
BmysAR8.UA bowhead whaleBalaenidae
Bphy1.UA fin whaleBalaenopteridae
Chec1.LD Hector's dolphinDelphinidae
Cmar6.UA pygmy right whaleNeobalaenidae
DdelP5.LD common dolphin (short-beaked)Delphinidae
Dleu1.UA BelugaMonodontidae
EglaNA7.UA southern right whaleBalaenidae
ErobNP5.UA gray whaleEschrichtiidae
Fatt2.LD pygmy killer whaleDelphinidae
Ggri3.DY Risso's dolphinDelphinidae
Gmel6.LD long-finned pilot whaleDelphinidae
Igeo8.IC Amazon River dolphin (boto)Delphinidae
Lacu5.LD Atlantic white-sided dolphinDelphinidae
Lobs6.LD dusky dolphinDelphinidae
Lper5.LD southern right whale dolphinDelphinidae
LvexCh5.GY Yangtzee River dolphin (baiji)Lipotes
MgrH04 Gray's beaked whaleZiphiidae
Mmon8.MM narwhalMonodontidae
Mnov4.UA humpback whaleBalaenopteridae
Npho0.PR finless porpoisePhocoenidae
Obre7.UA Irrawaddy dolphinDelphinidae
Oorc8.UA killer whaleDelphinidae
PblaSA0.GY La Plata River dolphin (franciscana)Pont
Pcra7.LD false killer whaleDelphinidae
Pdal9.PR Dall's porpoisePhocoenidae
Pele3.LD melon-headed whaleDelphinidae
PganWP3.HH Ganges River dolphin (susu)Platanistidae
Ppho3.PR harbour porpoisePhocoenidae
SbreP6.LD rough-toothed dolphinDelphinidae
SchiSF0.LD Indo-pacific humpbacked dolphinDelphinidae
Sflu8.LD tucuxiDelphinidae
SfroA0.LD Atlantic spotted dolphinDelphinidae
TtruA3.LD bottlenose dolphin (truncatus)Delphinidae
ZcaSW8398 Cuvier's beaked whaleZiphiidae
Outgroup sequences
Kbre0.MM pygmy sperm whaleKogiidae
Ksim2.HH dwarf sperm whaleKogiidae
Pmac9.UA sperm whalePhyseteridae