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DNA Surveillance

Species identification with DNA

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General details for dataset 'All cetaceans Ctrl Vs4.3'

Loci: mtDNA control Region (=D-Loop)
Domain: All cetaceans Vs4.3
Alignment: 42 sequences, 454 sites
Alignment scoring
Create/extend = -3.0/-1.0
Substitution model
(A,G,C,T) = (0.30751, 0.22645, 0.13893, 0.32711)

Sequence details

Main sequences
BacuNA6.UA spectacled porpoisePhocoenidae
BacuNA6.UA North Atlantic minke whaleBalaenopteridae
BacuNPZ14337 North Pacific minke whaleBalaenopteridae
BbaSW4965 Baird's beaked whaleZiphiidae
BbonSO8.RH Antarctic minke whaleBalaenopteridae
BborNA5.UA sei whaleBalaenopteridae
Bede10.HY Bryde's whale (common )Balaenopteridae
BedeJP1.HY Bryde's whale (Kochi )Balaenopteridae
BmusIC4.UA blue whaleBalaenopteridae
BmysNEPSB1 bowhead whaleBalaenidae
BphyIC5.UA fin whaleBalaenopteridae
CcomA6.FP Commerson's dolphinDelphinidae
CheBP03D Hector's dolphinDelphinidae
CmarNZ1.SB pygmy right whaleNeobalaenidae
DcapCA1.PR common dolphin (long-beaked)Delphinidae
DdelCA6.PR common dolphin (short-beaked)Delphinidae
DleuAR7.WL belugaMonodontidae
EausSP16NP southern right whaleBalaenidae
EglaNA9.SM North Atlantic right whaleBalaenidae
EjapNP1.HR North Pacific right whaleBalaenidae
ErobNEP397 gray whaleEschrichtiidae
ErobWS03 gray whaleEschrichtiidae
GgriNZ1.MD Risso's dolphinDelphinidae
GmelNA8.LS long-finned pilot whaleDelphinidae
LacuNF6.FC Atlantic white-sided dolphinDelphinidae
LalbNA5.FC white-beaked dolphinDelphinidae
LoblNP8.FC Pacific white-sided dolphinDelphinidae
LobsPE2.FC dusky dolphinDelphinidae
LpeNZFC southern right whale dolphinDelphinidae
MgrNZ05.MD Gray's beakedZiphiidae
MnovSEA9 humpback whaleBalaenopteridae
NphoJPF.HY finless porpoisePhocoenidae
OorcNP9.RH killer whaleDelphinidae
PdalNP2.PR Dall's porpoise Phocoenoides dalliPhocoenidae
PminZ15224 Indus River dolphin (susu)Platanistidae
PphoNP0.PR harbour porpoisePhocoenidae
PsinCA3.PR vaquitaPhocoenidae
PspiPE4.PR Burmeister's porpoisePhocoenidae
TtruT3.JW bottlenose dolphinDelphinidae
ZcaNZ11.MD Cuvier's beaked whaleZiphiidae
Outgroup sequences
KbreNZ01SP pygmy sperm whaleKogiidae
PmacEP4.DW sperm whalePhyseteridae