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DNA Surveillance

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General details for dataset 'Odont Ctrl Vs4.3'

Loci: mtDNA control Region (=D-Loop)
Domain: Odontocetes Vs4.3
Alignment: 86 sequences, 440 sites
Alignment scoring
Create/extend = -3.0/-1.0
Substitution model
(A,G,C,T) = (0.30751, 0.22645, 0.13893, 0.32711)

Sequence details

Main sequences
AdioTF5.PR spectacled porpoiseAustralophocaena
CcomA6.FP Commerson'sCephalorhynchus
CcomD9.FP Commerson'sCephalorhynchus
CeutC6.FP ChileanCephalorhynchus
CeutH1.FP ChileanCephalorhynchus
CheavMA.FP Heaviside'sCephalorhynchus
CheavMH.FP Heaviside'sCephalorhynchus
CheBP03D Hector'sCephalorhynchus
CheWC16J Hector'sCephalorhynchus
DcapCA11PR common (long-beaked)Delphinus
DcapCA4.PR common (long-beaked)Delphinus
DdelCA6.PR common (short-beaked)Delphinus
DdelCA7.PR common (short-beaked)Delphinus
DleuAR7.WL belugaDelphinapterus
DleuAR9.JM belugaDelphinapterus
GgriMD.AV Risso'sGrampus
GgriNZ1.MD Risso'sGrampus
GmacAT1.LS short-finned pilotGlobicephala
GmacCA2.LS short-finned pilotGlobicephala
GmelNA8.LS long-finned pilotGlobicephala
GmelNZ01MD short-finned pilotGlobicephala
IgeoAM2.BH Amazon River dolphin (boto)Inia
IgeobB5.BH Amazon River dolphin (boto)Inia
IgeohO1.BH Amazon River dolphin (boto)Inia
KbreAUSM16967 pygmy sperm whaleKogia breviceps
KbreNZ01SP pygmy sperm whaleKogia breviceps
KbreSAN2754 pygmy sperm whaleKogia breviceps
KbreZ10401 pygmy sperm whaleKogia breviceps
KbreZ15537 pygmy sperm whaleKogia breviceps
KbreZ5057 pygmy sperm whaleKogia breviceps
KsimZ11175 dwarf sperm whaleKogia sima
KsimZ12696 dwarf sperm whaleKogia sima
KsimZ15541 dwarf sperm whaleKogia sima
KsimZ17104 dwarf sperm whaleKogia sima
KsimZ9562 dwarf sperm whaleKogia sima
KsiTASPWW2 dwarf sperm whaleKogia sima
LacuNF6.FC Atlantic white-sidedLagenorhynchus
LacuNF7.FC Atlantic white-sidedLagenorhynchus
LalbNA5.FC white-beakedLagenorhynchus
LausMG2.FP Peale'sLagenorhynchus
LcruMG2.FP hourglassLagenorhynchus
LoblNP1.FC Pacific white-sidedLagenorhynchus
LoblNP8.FC Pacific white-sidedLagenorhynchus
LobsNZS10H duskyLagenorhynchus
LobsPE2.FC duskyLagenorhynchus
LperNZ4.FP southern rightLissodelphis
LperNZFC southern rightLissodelphis
LvexA7.SL Yangtzee River dolphin (baiji)Lipotes
LvexB0.SL Yangtzee River dolphin (baiji)Lipotes
LvexC8.SL Yangtzee River dolphin (baiji)Lipotes
LvexD9.SL Yangtzee River dolphin (baiji)Lipotes
MgrNZ05.MD Gray's beakedMesoplodon
MmonAR5.PP narwhalMonodon
MmonAR6.PP narwhalMonodon
NphoJPB.HY finless porpoiseNeophocaena
NphoJPF.HY finless porpoiseNeophocaena
Obre2907 Irrawaddy (snubfin)Orcaella
ObreZ4006 IrrawaddyOrcaella
OorcNP9.RH killer whaleOrcinus
OorcNZ1.MD killer whaleOrcinus
PblaBRB.ES La Plata River dolphin (franciscana)Pontoporia
PblaBRK.ES La Plata River dolphin (franciscana)Pontoporia
PcraNZ1.MD false killerPseudorca
PdalNP2.PR Dall's porpoisePhocoenoides
PdalNP9.PR Dall's porpoisePhocoenoides
PeleFP1.MP melon-headedPeponocephala
PganB12 Ganges river dolphinPlatanista
PganB13 Ganges river dolphinPlatanista
PganB15 Ganges river dolphinPlatanista
PmacEP4.DW spermPhyseter
PmaIC3.UA spermPhyseter
Pmin1.UA Indus river dolphinPlatanista
Pmin2.UA Indus river dolphinPlatanista
PminZ15224 Indus river dolphinPlatanista
PphoNP0.PR harbour porpoisePhocaena
PphoNP5.PR harbour porpoisePhocaena
PsinCA3.PR vaquitaPhocaena
PspiPE4.PR Burmeister's porpoisePhocaena
PspiPE7.PR Burmeister's porpoisePhocaena
SbreFP1.MP rough-toothedSteno
ScoeMD1.AV stripedStenella
TaduA1.JW bottlenose (aduncus )Tursiops
TaduA8.JW bottlenose (aduncus )Tursiops
Ttr03BOI001 bottlenose (tursiops )Tursiops
TtruT12.JW bottlenose (tursiops )Tursiops
Outgroup sequences
ZcaNZ11.MD Cuvier's beakedZiphius