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DNA Surveillance

Species identification with DNA

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General details for dataset 'Ziph CytB Vs3.1'

Loci: Cytochrome B
Domain: Ziphiidae Vs3.1
Alignment: 43 sequences, 384 sites
Alignment scoring
Create/extend = -3.0/-1.0
Substitution model
(A,G,C,T) = (0.30751, 0.22645, 0.13893, 0.32711)

Sequence details

MboSA18047 Andrew's Beaked WhaleMesoplodon bowdoni
Mbow04 Andrew's Beaked WhaleMesoplodon bowdoni
MbiSW3854 Sowerby's Beaked WhaleMesoplodon bidens
MbiSW3858 Sowerby's Beaked WhaleMesoplodon bidens
McaSW3804 Hubbs' Beaked WhaleMesoplodon carlhubbsi
McaSW1154 Hubbs' Beaked WhaleMesoplodon carlhubbsi
MdeSW4010 Densebeaked WhaleMesoplodon densirostris
MdeNZ02 Densebeaked WhaleMesoplodon densirostris
MeuSW4120 Gervais' Beaked WhaleMesoplodon europaeus
MeuSW7443 Gervais' Beaked WhaleMesoplodon europaeus
Mgin01 Ginkgo-toothed Beaked WhaleMesoplodon ginkgodens
Mgr29 Gray's Beaked WhaleMesoplodon grayi
MgrH04 Gray's beaked WhaleMesoplodon grayi
MheTAS Hector's Beaked WhaleMesoplodon hectori
MheSA16387 Hector's Beaked WhaleMesoplodon hectori
Mlay13 Straptooth WhaleMesoplodon layardii
Mlay04 Straptooth WhaleMesoplodon layardii
MmiSW4972 True's Beaked WhaleMesoplodon mirus
MmiSW4968 True's Beaked WhaleMesoplodon mirus
USNM504853 Perrin's Beaked WhaleMesoplodon perrini
TMMC.C75 Perrin's Beaked WhaleMesoplodon perrini
MpeJCR1926 Lesser Beaked WhaleMesoplodon peruvianus
Mper1.MM Lesser Beaked WhaleMesoplodon peruvianus
MstSW4962 Stejneger's Beaked WhaleMesoplodon stejnegeri
MstSW6481 Stejneger's Beaked WhaleMesoplodon stejnegeri
MtrNMNZ546 Spade-Toothed WhaleMesoplodon traversii
MNHNC1156 Spade-Toothed WhaleMesoplodon traversii
IpacQJ2106 Indopacetus pacificusIndopacetus pacificus
MZUF1956 Indopacetus pacificusIndopacetus pacificus
TsheSP4.HH Shepard's Beaked WhaleTasmacetus shepherdi
ZcaSW8398 Cuvier's beaked WhaleZiphius cavirostris
ZcaNC0296 Cuvier's Beaked WhaleZiphius cavirostris
HamSH9717 Northern Bottlenose WhaleHyperoodon ampullatus
HamIC454 Northern Bottlenose WhaleHyperoodon ampullatus
Hpl01 Southern Bottlenose WhaleHyperoodon planifrons
Hpl02 Southern Bottlenose WhaleHyperoodon planifrons
Tsh02 Shepard's Beaked WhaleTasmacetus shepherdi
Tsh04 Shepard's Beaked WhaleTasmacetus shepherdi
BbaiNP1.UA Baird's Beaked WhaleBerardius bairdii
BbaBC9220 Baird's Beaked WhaleBerardius bairdii
Bar02 Arnoux's Beaked WhaleBeradius arnuxii
BarNMNZ580 Arnoux's Beaked WhaleBeradius arnuxii
Kbre0.MM Pygmy Sperm WhaleKogia breviceps