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DNA Surveillance

Species identification with DNA

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General details for dataset 'Delph Sten CytB Vs3.1'

Loci: Cytochrome B
Domain: Delphinidae + Stenoninae Vs3.1
Alignment: 29 sequences, 405 sites
Alignment scoring
Create/extend = -3.0/-1.0
Substitution model
(A,G,C,T) = (0.30751, 0.22645, 0.13893, 0.32711)

Sequence details

Dcap6.LD Common Dolphin (Long-Beaked)Delphinus capensis
Dcap7.LD Common Dolphin (Long-Beaked)Delphinus capensis
DdelP5.LD Common Dolphin (Short-Beaked)Delphinus delphis
DdelCa5.PR Common Dolphin (Short-Beaked)Delphinus delphis
DdelEP6.PR Common Dolphin (Short-Beaked)Delphinus delphis
Dtro8.LD Delphinus tropicalisDelphinus tropicalis
SattA6.LD Pantropical Spotted DolphinStenella attenuata
SattP7.LD Pantropical Spotted DolphinStenella attenuata
Satt4.DI Pantropical Spotted DolphinStenella attenuata
ScoeP1.LD Striped DolphinStenella coeruleoalba
ScoeM2.LD Striped DolphinStenella coeruleoalba
SfroA9.LD Atlantic Spotted DolphinStenella frontalis
SfroAO.LD Atlantic Spotted DolphinStenella frontalis
SlonAO.LD Pantropical Spinner DolphinStenella longirostris
SlonSE2.LD Pantropical Spinner DolphinStenella longirostris
Slon2.DI Pantroppical Spinner DolphinStenella longirostris
TaduSE1.LD Bottlenose Dolphin (Aduncus form)Tursiops aduncus
TaduSF2.LD Bottlenose Dolphin (Aduncus form)Tursiops aduncus
TtruA3.LD Bottlenose Dolphin (Truncatus form)Tursiops truncatus
Ttru6.UA Bottlenose Dolphin (Truncatus form)Tursiops truncatus
Scly3.LD Clymene DolphinStenella clymene
LhosA9.LD Fraser's DolphinLagenodelphis hosei
LhosP8.LD Fraser's DolphinLagenodelphis hosei
SchiWP9.LD Indo-Pacific Humpbacked DolphinSousa chinensis
SchiSFO.LD Indo-Pacific Humpbacked DolphinSousa chinensis
Sflu8.LD TucuxiSotalia fluviatilis
SfluSA7.IC TucuxiSotalia fluviatilis
SbreA7.LD Rough-Toothed DolphinSteno bredanensis
SbreP6.LD Rough-Toothed DolphinSteno bredanensis