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General details for dataset 'Rattus_CytB_V2'

Loci: Cytochrome b (v2)
Domain: Rattus
Alignment: 53 sequences, 713 sites
Alignment scoring
Create/extend = -3.0/-1.0
Substitution model
(A,G,C,T) = (0.3230676932306769, 0.32336766323367666, 0.10128987101289871, 0.25227477252274766)

Sequence details

Main sequences
IDNameGroupSample OriginSample SourceMuseum AccessionGenBank Accession
DiMa080b rattus diardi (diardii clade)diardiiKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaSAMABTC64907 EF186409
DiMa126b rattus diardi (diardii clade)diardiiKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaSAMABTC64906 EF186413
ExCI031b exulans (exulans clade)exulansAitutaki, Cook Islands E M-S- EF186414
ExCI032b exulans (exulans clade)exulansAitutaki, Cook IslandsE M-S- EF186415
ExIn023b exulans (exulans clade)exulansCibodas Forest, IndonesiaSAMABTC48011 EF186421
ExPN024b exulans (exulans clade)exulansYuro, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC43078 EF186427
ExSa029b exulans (exulans clade)exulansManua, Samoa E M-S- EF186430
ExSa030b exulans (exulans clade)exulansManua, SamoaE M-S- EF186431
ExTh026b exulans (exulans clade)exulansThailandSAMABTC 8553 EF186432
FlHk045b flavipectus (tanezumi clade)tanezumiHong Kong, ChinaSAMABTC 8489 EF186440
FuAu056b fuscipes assimilis (fuscipes clade)fuscipesLismore, AustraliaSAMABTC51715 EF186435
FuAu057b fuscipes coracius (fuscipes clade)fuscipesMt Windsor, Queensland, AustraliaSAMABTC51727 EF186436
FuAu059b fuscipes fuscipes (fuscipes clade)fuscipes26k W Manjimup, AustraliaSAMABTC 8615 EF186438
HoSu044b hoffmanni (hoffmanni clade)hoffmanniTangoa, Sulawesi, IndonesiaSAMABTC65754 EF186441
HoSu061b hoffmanni (hoffmanni clade)hoffmanniMt Nokilalaki, Sulawesi, IndonesiaSAMABTC65809 EF186442
KaSL063b kandianus (diardii clade)diardiiSri LankaSAMABTC 8529 EF186444
LeAu069b leucopus cooktownensis (leucopus clade)leucopusMt Simons, 19mls S Cooktown Queensland, AustraliaSAMABTC 8447 EF186447
LeAu071b leucopus leucopus (leucopus clade)leucopusRocky River Queensland, AustraliaSAMABTC 8493 EF186452
LePN066b leucopus (verecundus clade)verecundusHaia, Central Highland Province, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC42808 EF186449
MoPN046b mordax (PNG 1 clade)PNG 1Nokopo, Morobe Province, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC48962 EF186453
NiPN072b niobe (PNG 1 clade)PNG 1Bundi, Madang Province, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC49306 EF186456
NiPN073b niobe (PNG 2 clade)PNG 2Magidobo, Southern Highland Province, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC45409 EF186457
NiPN074b niobe (PNG 2 clade)PNG 2Mt Karimui, Central Highland Province, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC43906 EF186458
NiPN075b niobe (PNG 3 clade)PNG 3near Kosipe Mt Albert Edward Central Province, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC42503 EF186459
NiPN077b niobe (PNG 3 clade)PNG 3Sol River, West Sepik Province, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC47145 EF186460
NoDe048b norvegicus (norvegicus clade)norvegicusCopenhagen, DenmarkGenBank- AJ428514
Noxx001b norvegicus (norvegicus clade)norvegicuslaboratory strainGenBank- NC_001665
PrPN123b praetor (PNG 1 clade)PNG 1Munbil, West Sepik Province, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC47271 EF186466
PrPN124b praetor (PNG 1 clade)PNG 1Munbil, West Sepik Province, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC47273 EF186467
RaNZ004b rattus (rattus 1 clade)rattus 1Titirangi, New ZealandE M-S- EF186470
RaPN009b rattus (rattus 2 clade)rattus 2Moitaka, National Capital District, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC44857 EF186471
RaPN010b rattus (rattus 1 clade)rattus 1Sideia Is., Milne Bay Province, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC50177 EF186472
RaPN079b rattus (rattus 2 clade)rattus 2Moitaka, National Capital District, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC44858 EF186473
RuPN055b ruber (PNG 1 clade)PNG 1Yuro, Central Highland Province, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC43216 EF186476
SoAu087b sordidus (sordidus clade)sordidusIngham, Queensland, AustraliaSAMABTC51664 EF186478
SoAu088b sordidus (sordidus clade)sordidusSir Edward Pellew Is. Northern Territory, AustraliaSAMABTC41164 EF186479
StIn090b steini (PNG 1 clade)PNG 1Bogor Botanic Gardens, Java, IndonesiaSAMABTC44036 EF186481
StPN047b steini (PNG 1 clade)PNG 1Nokopo, MP, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC49035 EF186483
TaIn018b tanezumi (tanezumi clade)tanezumiJakarta, Java, IndonesiaSAMABTC47993 EF186491
TaIn019b tanezumi (tiomanicus clade)tiomanicusJakarta, Java, IndonesiaSAMABTC47994 EF186492
TaIn022b tanezumi (tanezumi clade)tanezumiYogyakarta, Java, IndonesiaSAMABTC47983 EF186495
TaIn100b tanezumi (diardii clade)diardiiJakarta, Java, IndonesiaSAMABTC47997 EF186498
TaIn103b tanezumi (diardii clade)diardiiJakarta, Java, IndonesiaSAMABTC48000 EF186501
TaIn107b tanezumi (tanezumi clade)tanezumiYogyakarta, Java, IndonesiaSAMABTC47984 EF186502
TaJp014b tanezumi (tanezumi clade)tanezumiAnami Island, JapanSAMABTC 8487 EF186508
TaSu105b tanezumi (diardii clade)diardiinorthern Sulawesi, IndonesiaSAMABTC48005 EF186512
TiIn050b tiomanicus (tiomanicus clade)tiomanicusCibodas forest, Java, IndonesiaSAMABTC48026 EF186513
TuAu114b tunneyi (tunneyi clade)tunneyiLitchfield, NP, Northern Territory, AustraliaSAMABTC29636 EF186515
TuAu118b tunneyi (tunneyi clade)tunneyiYarraman, Queensland, AustraliaSAMABTC51688 EF186518
VePN053b verecundus (verecundus clade)verecundusBobole, Southern Highland Province, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC45161 EF186519
VePN119b verecundus (PNG 3 clade)PNG 3Bundi, Madang Province, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC49292 EF186520
VePN120b verecundus (verecundus clade)verecundusNoru, Central Highland Province, Papua New GuineaSAMABTC43510 EF186521
Outgroup sequences
IDNameGroup Sample OriginSample SourceMuseum AccessionGenBank Accession
MusR052b M. musculus domesticusUnspecifiedwestern EuropeGenBank- NC_006914